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Adult Brain Injury Care in Delaware

PeachTree Health Group is an assisted living facility in Harbeson, Delaware, designed specifically to treat adults living with a brain injury. Our main goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which individuals suffering from brain injuries can achieve the highest level of independent functionality and quality of life possible.

To reach this goal, our staff embrace a model of social involvement, offering opportunities for brain-injured adults to engage in critical educational and recreational activities. This approach allows for the implementation of case-specific care, tailored to meet the unique physical, social and cognitive demands of each individual resident. Our assisted living program and day habilitation program are geared toward providing medical care and educational support, as well as building social skills and personal independence.


Our Residents

The residents of PeachTree Health Group are adults who have experienced either a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or an acquired brain injury (ABI). These individuals often experience difficulties in social, physical and emotional aspects of their lives. Each individual resident has unique needs and demands, which are catered to by our caring and qualified staff.

PeachTree residents receive small group instructional assistance and participate in recreational and educational activities geared towards increasing the individual’s quality of life and involvement in activities of life. Our assisted living and day habilitation care program provide residents with an opportunity to restore areas of impaired function and to learn ways to compensate for functions that cannot be restored. We are dedicated to addressing each resident’s individual needs, rebuilding necessary cognitive, physical and social skills, and progressing towards functional independence.

    PeachTree Life

    Some of the many benefits of our brain injury assisted living and day habilitation care program include:

    • Life skills development
    • Daily life management
    • Nutrition awareness
    • Family and child support activities
    • Computer literacy programs
    • Social skills enhancement
    • Group and individual counseling
    • Problem solving activities
    • Task completion skills
    • Attendance and punctuality
    • Interpersonal relationship skills

    Delaware assisted living community for adults with traumatic brain injury.

    PeachTree Health Group offers a convenient Day Program, a great care option for busy families. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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