Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation and Care Program for Assisted Living Residents in Harbeson, DE

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and acquired brain injuries (ABI) are accompanied by several kinds of complications, and many families struggle with the difficulties of caring for a brain-injured adult on their own. These individuals require proper educational, physical, social and medical care, beyond what the typical family may be able to offer. It is often less burdensome and more effective for families to seek care for brain-injured adults from an assisted living facility, in order for them to receive the wide range of attention their injuries demand.

In addition to our assisted living program, we also offer PeachTree residents access to our day habilitation and care program. The goal of this program is to restore individuals’ functional competence by providing challenging activities and small group instructional assistance designed to increase quality of life and progress towards independence. Program activities are geared towards achieving each individual’s goals, enhancing their strengths and relearning critical skills and functions.

Caring for an adult with a TBI or ABI is a challenging task; recovery is a slow process and can be overwhelming for caregivers. Along with assisted living, the day program benefits not only the brain-injured adult, but also the individual’s family. Medical staff supports ongoing communication with family members and provides advice for managing possible behavior and personality changes.


Family Life with Brain-Injured Loved Ones

The complications associated with serious brain injuries are far-reaching. While family members may see the benefits of caring for a brain-injured individual in their own home, there are many aspects of this enormous responsibility that they may not be considering. It is extremely difficult for family members to provide the variety of care and activities a brain-injured individual requires, catered to relearning lost skills and working towards independence. A TBI or ABI can affect intimate relationships, social networks and friendships. These disruptions may require the brain-injured individual and family to adjust to a completely new way of life.

Our assisted living program combined with our day habilitation and care program offer families a valuable resource; brain-injured adults can participate in learning activities and restore lost function in a comfortable environment while receiving the medical, educational and recreational care they require. In the meantime, families can concentrate on their own needs and maintain the balance of family life.

Brain Injury Day Habilitation in Harbeson DE - PeachTree Health Group
Day Habilitation in Harbeson DE - PeachTree Health Group

I had such an awesome day at the beach with my friends and the staff members at Peach Tree. I can’t wait to go on another trip soon.

– Resident

Delaware assisted living community for adults with traumatic brain injury.

PeachTree Health Group offers a convenient Day Program, a great care option for busy families. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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