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Brain Injury Assisted Living Facility in Harbeson, DE

It can be extremely difficult for an adult suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or acquired brain injury (ABI) to return to the normal activities and lifestyle of their community. Often, it is easier and more effective for individuals with a brain injury to participate in a community more specifically tailored to their educational, physical and social needs. Our adult brain injury assisted living facility in Delaware provides a comforting and familiar environment catered to the particular needs of brain-injured individuals, offering learning activities and a stable lifestyle essential to promoting the highest possible quality of life for our residents.

PeachTree provides educational and recreational activities, therapeutic rehabilitation programs, an abundance of social benefits for residents, and the administration of the proper medical and personal care. Adults suffering from a brain injury often experience difficulties in physical, emotional and social aspects of their lives. While an injury of this nature can cause increased confusion and uncertainty, brain-injured individuals deserve to maintain as much normalcy in their lives as possible.


Adult TBI and ABI Rehabilitation

The PeachTree assisted living facility operates as a resource for support and guidance, engaging a brain-injured adult in educational and social activities at his or her own pace. Rehabilitation therapy typically depends on the demands of the individual, focusing on both short-term and long-term goals. Brain injury rehabilitation generally involves two processes: restoring functions that can be restored and learning how to compensate for functions that cannot be repaired to their pre-injury status.

Brain injury rehabilitation varies on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the nature and scope of the injury. However, the main goals of rehabilitation remain unchanged: to help the individual progress to the highest level of independent functioning possible and to offer aid and support for the individual’s family. Some brain-injured residents will work toward expressing themselves verbally, while others set goals for expressing their needs by pointing to pictures and other simple tasks. For others, the goal of therapy will be to improve their understanding of words or perhaps their ability to describe cause-and-effect relationships. Brain injury therapy focuses on regaining lost skills as well as learning how to work around abilities that have been permanently affected as a result of the brain injury. Most individuals respond best to rehabilitation programs tailored to their specific interests and backgrounds.


Social Benefits

While the most recognizable symptoms of brain injury may be physical and developmental, brain-injured individuals may face social difficulties as well, including problems with speech and personal communication. Our Assisted Living facility provides individuals with a relaxing and comfortable setting where they can communicate with others at their speed, putting them more at ease and potentially helping to form essential relationships.


Proper Care

Traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries can cause major difficulties for an affected individual, resulting in complex cognitive and physical complications. Some of the most common symptoms include speech and communication issues, confusion, memory loss, behavioral problems, and abnormal emotional responses. Our medical professionals are trained to offer the appropriate care for individuals suffering from a brain injury. These professionals are experienced and dedicated to helping individuals deal with the difficulties of the brain injury rehabilitation process, including aiding speech, providing occupational, educational and physical therapy, and offering counseling for individuals and their families.
Residents of PeachTree receive instructional assistance in the following areas: daily living skills, behavioral management, cognitive therapy, community activities, educational instruction, and socialization, among others. Furthermore, providing adequate care for individuals suffering from a brain injury can be extremely overwhelming for family members. By presenting a safe and professional environment for brain-injured individuals, we offer families a helping hand in properly caring for their loved ones.


Helping Brain-Injured Individuals in Delaware

Our assisted living facility provides assistance geared towards each resident’s individual needs, rebuilding skills, emphasizing the importance of independence, and enhancing the individual’s functional competence. The long-term goal for most individuals suffering from a brain injury is successful integration into the community, achieving the highest quality of life possible. By offering the proper medical care and incorporating educational and recreational activities catered to individual social and cognitive needs, PeachTree can help brain-injured individuals reach two objectives: achieving the highest possible level of independent functioning and successfully participating in their community.

Brain Injury Assisted Living for adults - PeachTree Healh Group
Brain Injury Assisted Living - PeachTree Health Group

We greatly appreciate the assistance we received arranging ongoing therapy for our son. He is now making great strides and we are hopeful for the future.

– Parent

Delaware assisted living community for adults with traumatic brain injury.

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